Vergemoli is in the part of North-west Tuscany known as the Garfagnana - a mountainous region straddling the valley of the River Serchio, which runs north then north-west from Lucca with the Alpi Apuane on the west side and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines to the north-east. There are two excellent supermarkets in Gallicano, which sell local produce as well as all else you’d expect; Gallicano also has a very good weekly market.

You need your own motor transport to get around: although you can reach Gallicano, the local town, by train from Lucca, buses up to Vergemoli are infrequent. All major car hire companies are available at Pisa Airport (the nearest) and also at Genoa and Milan Linate airports.


There is a bar/café in the village, which sells bread and a few other necessities every day (except Monday). Most other foods (fish, fruit, vegetables, meat and household goods) can be got from travelling shops, which come to the village. Otherwise all the main shopping is in Gallicano, in the valley to the east, or Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, to the north-east.

getting there and away - road

Reaching the area by road from Britain via France and Northern Italy is easy:  the autostrada system runs into Tuscany either via Turin, Genoa and La Spezia, or via Milan, Parma and La Spezia. In either case, you then go via Viareggio and Lucca, then up the Serchio Valley.

getting there and away - plane

You can fly to Pisa with BA and Easyjet from Gatwick or Ryanair from Stansted; and to Milan (Linate) with EasyJet from Gatwick (Ryanair also flies to Genoa). Car rental is easy at either airport. The price of air tickets varies greatly depending on when you book, especially with Ryanair and EasyJet but if you book early enough you can get very cheap deals even in high season. Pisa is not a busy airport and flights are usually very reliable. It’s about an hour and a quarter’s drive to Vergemoli. Milan (Linate) is close to the city Autostrada Tangenziale (ring road) and it normally takes about 3 hours to get to Vergemoli.

getting there and away - buses

There is a bus service to and from the village - but they’re infrequent. Details of services can be had from the local operator CLAP (Consorzio Lucchese di Autotrasporti Pubblici).

getting around - car hire

It’s often possible to get very good car-rental deals when you book your air tickets, especially if you do this online. All the major companies (plus some local ones) all have agencies at Pisa, Genoa and Milan airports. You will often pay more if you don’t book in advance.